1. year in college?
2. Why did you choose to be off campus?
3. Since you are off campus have it been harder making friends?
4. Have you joined any sports/clubs
5. Did you know anybody before going to college? Or did you bring some of your out-of-date friends with you to college?
6. Did you get a job on campus that help you meet people?
7. How was your first week of college compared to very soon?
1. Forth year student
2. I lived with my parents for 2 years of college, and then moved in near my fiance. Those first 2 years saved me around $15,000 or more in room and board.
3. No, it wasn't too hard. I be friendly with people in class. I also combined a sorority for a year. It's not everyone's thing, but it can be great for others.
4. Just the sorority that I was active surrounded by.
5. Most of my friends actually went away to school which be sad, so I have all latest friends now. Having a boyfriend at the time (who is now my fiance) was nice. Always have my best friend there. :)
6. I had a couple jobs sour campus. But working on campus could definitely help you meet those. Any job, really, around other people your age, will help. Whether it's at the precinct or on campus.
7. My first week EVER of college wasn't that bad. It was exciting, and nerve racking too. After 4 years I've get the hang of it.

Best of luck!

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