3 concerns you hold near American rearing system?

Whats your 3 main concerns on education
Class sizes are too large and students are falling bringing up the rear because their is not enough individualized attention.

Standardized testing is taking over the school system, and thus teacher are forced to teach to a test. This makes erudition not fun and it helps to alienate (to the point of rarely being skilled, if ever) subjects that are not tested currently, like social studies.

Times are changing, and new technology is other coming out. There are many teachers that are in refusal to revise about the new technology, and thus the children suffer because we are in a world that have a main focus on technology- its everywhere. Source(s): I'm an elementary school teacher.
Failure to coach the basics of reading, writing, and math, or even to convince the students to use spell check (on computers).

Failure to apply suitable disciplinary measures, such as suspension and/or expulsion, for things such as cheating on tests, classroom disturbances, etc.

Insistence that you have to miss everybody, whether or not they know the work that SHOULD be required, in order to "keep the age groups together!" Source(s): A grandmother, and business owner, retired; who have seen TOO MANY high school "graduates" who can't even spread out an employment application so that it is legible and correct as to spelling and grammar.

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