1st class science/art lesson?

I have to write a lesson plan for a first grade class. It only have to last about 10-15 minutes because I am presenting it to my college peers (they will be pretending they are first graders.) I have to use this standard contained by my lesso, "know that living things are made up of parts that have specific functions" ... so i was thinking about any doing a lesson on the life cycle of a butterfly, or doing the parts of a flower/plant. Can someone give me some ideas on how to do a short lesson on this? I also NEED to incorporate some species of art in the lesson, whether it be drawing, singing, dancing, or drama. Any help would be great! :)
Let's whip hands...
With kids seated around you, maybe on the sitting rug or whatever it is within your classroom where kids can sit on the floor and be comfortable. Ask what hands are for --- make this a short discussion unless you enjoy rapt attention here, but first graders have the attention span of a gnat. YOu'll get numerous answers on this one. Acknowledge each one. "yes, our hand can make a peanut butter sandwich" etc. AFter the discussion tell the students that today you will use art materials (crayons, markers) to trace their hands - both of them. Do a demonstration. They hold to SEE what you mean. Both hands on paper. ONe will be easier than the other. They may involve help. Then have students draw what their hands are doing - are they writing, are they pressing buttons, are they holding a book? Let students draw what they option, encourage coloring in and making lots of things on their paper. Don't of late settle for two hands and a skinny line that is a pencil within the hand. Have them draw backgrounds as well.
You hold introduced the use of hands as functional part of the body - you have discussed plentiful ways how the hands can be used -
you have demonstrated how to make hand on a paper by tracing
you have encouraged creativity by have students add what they wanted and doing more on the paper itself.

Keep it simple. When you do this lesson next to the peers (and there's always one who will give you a hard time) a short time ago go with it. Make them do the drawing as well.
For more advanced: own students cut out hand shapes and make lots of them. Glue them together to make a 3D sculpture.

As an art trainer I have a difficult time with the hands piece in art - but in this instance I think it works for the science/art integration.
Good luck! (make sure you own done this lesson yourself before presenting it - trace your hands, see the problems - ) Source(s): art techer 25+ years
I did a lesson for my first graders that taught the parts what I did be brought in a real plant showed the parts taught them a song near movements that helped the remember the parts and what they did. For the song I just googled it I can't find what is did the the lesson now or I would put it on here but only google it.

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