A 7th gr Social Studies coach grab my son's arm agressively,?

put tape on a pass he did not need & pressed i knotty on his chest, then tried pressing it on his forehead, and pressed on top of his books with lots of force. All because she have pointed out that he had left it behind, he go back & picked up the pass & put it in the recycle because he did not need it. Principal knew about the teacher's behavior did not address it, Instead the vice principal wrote my son up accusing him throwing away this oass, but my son did not stipulation the pass; it was an extra pass to travel to literacy room to do homework, He gets about 3 paases a day voluntarily, on his own so he be doing nothing wrong by placing the this pass in the recycle. Now they are going to have a meeting about my son and not in the region of the teacher. What would you do?
I'm sorry but I'm sure there is more to this story than your son is telling you
It sounds approaching the principal and vice principal have already investigated your son's complaint and found that your son was being naughty. I would think about how often he act this way. Does he act defiantly beside other teachers or at home?

What would I do? I would talk to my son about his wayward attitude because if it continues, he will keep having problems with others immediately and in the future. I wouldn't want that for my son, so I would help him see the benefit of varying the way he behaves..
I would go to the meeting and listen.
All you stipulation is a needle, and the license plate number of teacher, and whole bunch of toilet treatise
school system sucks and is backwards they cant see him out of school or punish him he didnt do anything wrong if they try to i would talk to a lawyer

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