"a child call it" by David Pelzer. Should it be read to 10 year aged children at university?

autobiographical account of his alleged abuse as a child by an alcoholic mother.
I don't think so. Personally I couldn't finish reading that book because it was so depressing. I wouldn't ever let anyone below 15 read that book.
I believe that in attendance are some strong things happening in that book. I would say it depends how fully grown your children are, and if this subject is relevant to the area these kids are studying.This is a great hope that teaches kids courage and not to give up so this would be a great confidence booster. Hope this help.
There are so many wonderful books to read to children of that age that I wouldn't read that. I know it is an amazing book, but it is too much for most 10 year olds. Kids grow up too efficient - why encourage that. The book is far more suitable for older students.
Also - frankly - I could do without the phone call from upset parents who would prefer that their children not confront those issues in school. Not going to die on that hill.

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