If uwere a don?

if u were a teacher what would u do if a student disturbs the class and have an aditude problem ? me personally i would take results off him him to make him fai lthat class

Answers:    you cant backfire a student for bad behavior. if a student is doing their assignments and is understanding the textile you can't fail them because of behavior. i would however just jump through my list of consequences:
warning (verbal, moving the student, writing sentences), teacher/student conference after class, detention (during lunch or after school), parent conference, principal referral. but usually i never have to go to the finishing one.i have probably written maybe 2 discouraging behavior referrals since I've been coaching. when i have the student/teacher conference i really try and understand why the student act out and together we try to resolve it.
The thing about mortal a teacher is you can't allow your personal feelings to interfere beside your grading in that style. I'm a teacher as well, and I've have some pretty memorable kids who did their best to make go hell for me and other kids in my class for one reason or another. But it's my living to make sure that they learn, so I hold to do everything that I can in order to fashion sure that they learn also. I teach drama, so much of what I do is participatory, and i make available points for that, so I do have the option to remove points if they are man disruptive and not working. In the end though, I try to find moments where on earth I can point out when they're doing something well to them to show that I notice them things bar being a jerk (positive reinforement). I also try not to take action in the typical "shut up or get out of my class" tutor. I like to try and give them something that they're not expecting because they never really expect a guru to smart right back at them and it can catch them offguard when you do. I try not to do that too much though. It's a flimsy thing with a kid who actively disturbs class and clearly have attitude issues. Teachers everywhere I'm sure have the urge to be vindictive, but we can't.
please undestand that the power promoting and student or making him fail is not at adjectives the correct tool to guide and teach for a good guru.
In any class room around the globe similar sitution prevails.
It is only your untiring affirmative approach to create him realize that he is doing a mistake and to convince him of the dire consequences will elegantly be fruitful.
It requires lots of understanding and psychological approach especially dealing the unusual children. Don't try diffenrent methods. Try a method differntly.
Remember if you fail a boy not for his academic reason and he will become a problem child in the same class and if he become a drop out will become a more serious problem for the society.
If i were a teacher n i find a student disturbing the class consequently 1st i will ask him/her politely to stop disturbing the class BUT if it happens again n again i will try 2 understand his psycology because copious students try to catch the attention of teacher/other student by one or other way.if at hand is some reason behind next i'll try to bring the student on right/proper way by love,be friendly or punishment as per requirement.May u like my openion.
Ooh, I am not sure going on for the points off to make him founder. that never solves anything. But most teachers do have points for academic as well as participation and frequent report cards do grade for cooperation and attitude. that's where I would bequeath or not give the points. If a student is disturbing the class and you can't control him, I send him out of the room any by himself or with help from an administrator. Students must know that they cannot be the disturbance for the class. Sometimes a student have behavioral issues, but I would still have him/her removed from my class, then come together with him/her and an administrator later to address.
I am a teacher and there are several different things I do.

Yes, I will lug points off of the participation class if a student misbehaves.

Sometimes, though, a student is misbehaving because he/she feels as though the class is too difficult. So, it's a way of trying not to look "stupid" surrounded by front of peers. I will often have a one-on-one conference next to a student about the behavior where no other kids can see. I also verbs out other students at random to make it look resembling I'm just talking to inhabitants. That way, the student doesn't have to get the impression embarrassed or called-out. If the problem is academic, I try to join that student.

Sometimes, I have a student escorted out of the room if he/she is being difficult. My approach depends entirely upon the situation and the student. I look at what the student is doing and analyze WHY he/she is doing it. If my one and only plan was to take points stale, I lose education opportunities near some students.
It's illegal to fail a student for behavior problems.

I try to not be confrontational beside that student. I use our school's progressive discipline plan. I also call the parents frequently so they get sick of audible range from me and tell the kid he better behave or else!

But sometimes you basically hope they ditch or drop out because they rarely change.

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