Im still merely at scondary university but im looking at going into edification?

Does anyone have any advice as to weather or not i should and what the perk and downfalls of teaching are.
Also what do i have to hold to get into teaching?

Answers:    Perks depend on your attitude.
Holidays may appear great but often they are the most expensive time of year.
A lot of teachers use some of this time to prepare other work for the subsequent term, etc.
A big drawback is that some of the pupils are unruly, abusive, inefficient, and not very motivated.
BUT a good trainer can turn most of these around and this gives a great feeling of self-satisfaction.
Marking homework can take up a LOT of time, remember you have almost 30 per class, sometimes up to 8 classes a day, 5 days a week. Planning is everything.
Money is not that great, the Authorities rely on the goodwill of teacher to do the work and be altruistic!
I earn a lot more in industry, but the charge security was seriously worse than teaching.

The best teaching job are in the private school sector (you will inevitability VERY good degrees here) and sixth form colleges (here you obligation to be able to teach A height standard).

You will need good GCSE's adjectives round, especially Maths, Science and English at least "C" grade for doesn`t matter what subject area you choose (these 3 are now essential).

At A horizontal, specialise in an area that in that is a shortage of teachers (Science and Maths are a good two of a kind, so is a modern "foreign" language).

Then you have two choices
1. B.Ed which is a 4 year degree overriding to a teaching qualification in your preferred subjects.
2. BSc which is a three year level on the subject of your choice followed by a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) which after allows you to become a qualified teacher.
I also want to be a teacher! I'm in the region of to take a-levels and then my subsequent step will be one of the two below! :D

Primary school teacher:
After your A level, you need to do a degree call Primary Education with QTS. Here you teach adjectives subjects.

Secondary school teacher:
After your A level, you will need to study a degree within your subject of choice when you have finished this, you will then requirement a PGCE to qualify you as a teacher.
As you can see, the latter route is longer (more time at uni) but it really depends on what you prefer.
You have a long time to have an idea that about what you want to do.

For more information, see

or if you want more advice from me as a fellow minor, message me through this. :)
I'd say you should widen your horizons. Teaching is a great job, but there are thousands of careers out in that. Get busy and find out about all kind of jobs and start figuring out whether you would resembling any of them before deciding what you want to do surrounded by the future.

Good luck!

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