What are the 3-5 factor that outline instruction as a professional art. Elaborate on how these factor are?

In your opinion list 3-5 factor that define teaching as a professional occupation. Elaborate on how these factors are employed by teachers on a on a daily basis basis.

Answers:    The following are the links and sites which will give you factor and credentials for defining teaching as a professional career :

California Commission on Teacher CredentialingProvides information on state credentialing procedures, regulations, and examinations.
www.ctc.ca.gov/ - 28k - Cached - Similar page - Note this
Credential Look-up and Renewal
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California Commission on Teacher CredentialingOn this page, you will find information for educators with a current or expired California Credential. Information is available on renewing credentials or ...
www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/ - 19k - Cached - Similar page - Note this

Teaching credential - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA United States teaching credential is a basic multiple or single subject credential obtain upon completion of a bachelor's degree and prescribed ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teaching_credent... - 18k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Teaching CredentialsStudents pursuing a training credential in California must navigate a number of ... The Single Subject Credential authorizes a trainer to teach in a ...
www.fullerton.edu/catalog/academic_pro... - 31k - Cached - Similar page - Note this

All Education Schools - Teaching Degree + Teaching Credential ...A comprehensive resource on teaching careers, guideline degrees, post graduate teacher training, online degree in education and instructor certification ...
www.alleducationschools.com/ - 22k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

All the factor are the same , like within any professional career where esp. policy job is required.
However, in edification you have to remain a part beside the new developments and constantly be innovative because the subject you are dealing is an intelligent child, a human being, who is going to be sometime the vanguard of tomorrow.
the relation between a child and the teacher is a very intricate and intensely profound one. Each one will have to understand the other without a flaw with confidence and love.
What is it that a teacher should be aware of roughly speaking a child ? That he or she is an individual soul, which will one be the part of the national soul, and later a global soul. That individual soul's four parts :
1) Physical - ultimately express perfect Beauty.
2) Vital (life) - Ultimately express perfect Power.
3) Mind - Ultimately express unflawed Knowledge.
4) Psychic (soul) - Ultimately express perfect Love and Beatitude.
The factors that formulate it a professional career are no different than any other professional career. First, a college level is required. Second, continuing education is required. Third, you must be licensed and properly certified to teach. Although doctors and lawyer go to school longer, masses professions only require a four-year degree. However, some colleges are presently requiring five years to earn a teaching degree.
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