Who won the Grammy Award in 1964 for “Dang Me”?

Question:What tropical trees, infected with witches’ broom and frosty pod rot, worried chocoholics in 2000?
Who holds the record for the most stunts by a living actor?
Which Canadian boxer was known as the Bulldog?
What team’s owner, turned down his bid for an NBA franchise in 1961, founded the American Basketball League? Who held the office of prime minister for the shortest period of time?Where can you find Canada’s largest dump truck?
Each day you'll find a question in our Survey section called 'Survey Says'. Previously we asked 100 people (actually we asked everyone) "Name someone, fact or fiction, who is a fast runner." Can you guess the number one answer given? Survey says...Name a country where people drink a lot of beer.

1) Roger Miller

2) cacao tree

3) jackie chan

4) scotty olson

5) abe saperstein

6) in canada- charles tupper

7)sparwood BC- called terex titan


fast runner: michael johnson? (ha ha ha- who knows)

beer country: germany
Roger Miller
cacao (Theobroma cacao)
Jackie Chan
Scottie Olson
Abe Saperstein
Prime Minister of which country?
Sparwood (BC)
Cathy Freeman - answer depends on where you come from.
Australia - as above.
Rodger Miller

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