70's Trivia ? HELP!!?

Question:Does anyone know where I can find 70's trivia questions on-line (free) I googled and did'nt get far. A link to a web page would be great!

why are you still stuck in the 70's dear? you still a polyester, disco dancing queen? ah...ah...ah.ah staying alive
just did a yahoo search.

heres one
Here are a few that I found:

(I did pretty well on the 1st quiz-yay me! =)
try msn
I found all sorts of trivia... I just googled '70's Trivia

List the 1st & last names of all 4 Sweathogs on Welcome Back Kotter?
How did Jamie Sommers become bionic?
Name every actress who played an 'angel' on Charlie's Angels
What color is the car that Starsky & Hutch drive?
What sci-fi tv show of the 60's became a Filmation cartoon in the 70's?

What is the full name of KC of K.C. and the Sunshine Band?
Where did the name lynard skynard come from?
What was the name of the singer with 70's funk band Wild Cherry?
What are the real first names to Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath?

1. Who wrote the Eagles' 1972 hit "Take It Easy"?
2. Which members of CSN&Y were formerly in Buffalo Springfield?
3. Bob Seger's "Still The Same" came from what smash album?

70's Fashion & Beauty Trivia - Do you know what shampoo supposedly gave your hair the most body and bounce in the 70's? If you know the answer, then the quiz on this page, which tests your knowledge of 70's fashion and beauty, might be for you.

Bizarre 70's History Trivia - Just how well do you think you know the 70's? Pretty well you say? You might be surprised. With this quiz, you can test your knowledge of the social and political culture of the 70's. Oxymoronically speaking it's serious play.

I hope this helps...

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