From sea level, a woman reached the top of a high mountain in less than 2 minutes using no climbing aids. how?

Question:She reached tho top of the mountain entirely under her own power.
She started at exactly sea level

The top of the mountain is easily reached in 2 minutes if the sea level is already near the top of the mountain. Ergo - she is on an island and the island is actually an undersea mountain whose top is just above sea level.

(Do I get my ten points now? Huh, huh?)
She descended to the top of a subsea mount.
First off sub-sea is below sea level, so it must have been a high mountain bike, that she mounted in less than 2 minutes, the question should be ; " What took her so long'?
1.some mountains are at sea level. she was already there.

2. she flew

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