12:01am - Is it Midnight or Noon?

Question:I always get mixed up with the time: Is this noon or midnight.

It is really early morning but refered to as midnight.
Actually neither. 1200 AM is midnight. 1200PM is noon.
It's morning.
when its 12:01 pm its noon
Technically, It's neither but AM = morning.
PM= night.

ittl go 11:59pm, then 00:00am - 11:59am - 12pm.
night morning morning afternoonish
one minute after midnight.
It's a minute after midnight.

The way I keep 'em straight is by thinking:

the am or pm always refers to what is about to begin.

am = the morning is beginning
pm = the afternoon is beginning

it early morning midnight
It is one minute after midnight !
It's one minute after midnight. Afternoon and evening is 'pm', and morning is 'am'.
Hope this helps, love.
If you remember "the wee hours of the morning" you will remember morning= am and 12am is 12 in the "wee hours of the morning" or midnight.
The AM part signifies that it isn't the afternoon. So, it is Midnight.

12:01 PM would be Noon.

Think of it like this. When you say it's 7 AM, is that the evening? No.

AM is from 12:00am-11:59am, PM is from 12:00pm-11:59pm.

Hope this helps!
one minute after midnight.
Midnight or early morning
Think of it this way:

AM means After Midnight

PM means Pre Midnight

Hence: 12:01 AM- After Midnight
neither. its 1 minute after midnight.
It is one minute after midnight.
It's just after midnight.
12.01 am - is one minute past midnight.
12.01 pm - is one minute past noon.
Midnight is 12:00 am
You've clearly stumbled on the very issue that is debated of the benefits of international time (AKA, those times that are like 23:11 or 08:25).

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