What Union, Maine “nerve food” was the best-selling soft drink in the U.S. until World War II?

That's a great question. I lived in Maine my whole life until 2 years ago, and I'm remembering Moxie Cola. What's throwing me off is the "nerve food" -- because I remember reading about lobsters being the nerve food. These crustaceans apparently let their stomachs do the chewing after they bolt their food, and scientists have been studying the nervous systems for years. Thus the name "nerve food".

When you get the answer let me know... is it Moxie or something to do with the lobsters? I guess that is a new question to pose.
Was it the soft drink "Moxie?"
I'm guessing Dr.Pepper.
It was Moxie, it still exists and tastes awful, like bad medicine.

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