What Union, Maine “nerve food” was the best-selling soft drink in the U.S. until World War II?

Question:soft drink

Moxie is the correct answer for the radio trivia.
YES! " Moxie "(what ever that is)?? is the correct answ for radio trivia THANKS!.
How many time's you gonna ask this question?!
(Its on the list of questions several times).

Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage is located in Union, Maine, in Knox County, close to the seacoast towns of Rockport and Camden, Maine.

Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage is an Agricultural museum, with approximately 10,000 artefacts. These include carriages, agricultural tools, musical instruments, books, and a sizeable Moxie collection. There is also a one room schoolhouse attached to the museum. Also part of the museum is a collection of photo prints and a research library.

The Museum is raising funds to build another addition. The addition will house the 32 foot Moxie Bottle Stand (house), which was originally introduced at the 1st combined New England Food Fair at Mechanics Hall on October 7, 1907, where over 37,000 people swarmed the halls on the first day. In the center of the hall floor stood the huge Moxie Bottle, which represented the Moxie Nerve Food Company of Lowell, MA. Now the bottle stand will be part of the Matthews Museum, the hometown of inventor and originator of Moxie, Dr. Augustin Thompson. Moxie Bottle Stand undergoing restoration and preservation showing one of the 12 wall panels and one of the six shoulder sections. Special care being taken during preservation of Moxie Bottle Stand. Note window cut into side panel by previous owner when used as a cottage.
MOXIE works for radio trivia...
Moxies for CISNFM
What Union, Maine “nerve food” was the best-selling soft drink in the U.S. until World War II?

MOXIE is the us99 trivia answer.
Moxie Soda
The early version of Moxie was a spoon fed elixir that could supposedly cure a wide range of ills ranging from dementia to impotence.

Moxie has been modified several times since then. In 1884 Moxie was reformulated, repackaged and re-introduced to America as a carbonated soft drink. Sales soared, and according to "Maine Farmhouse Journal" Moxie was America's most popular soft drink right up to the early 1920's.

Moxie worked for radio trivia
Moxie work for the radio trivia:-)


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