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Question:Who or what is the voice of propaganda?? I have no idea what it means or how many letters.

Well normally the people behind propaganda are political leaders.They may be referred to as Propagandists though.
The earliest reference to "the voice of propaganda" is from Nov. 10, 1951, in reference to A. Hitler's "Voice of Propaganda Minister" H. Goebbels' speech to the people of Germany.
The term has since been used by many, and applied to many, most recently concerning a South American soccer match.
Tokyo Rose
Tokyo Rose
how can you not know the number of letters if you're doing a crossword puzzle??

this would be a concept, maybe a person, but it would depend on the issue!
If it's a crossword, how can you not know how many letters are in it, just count up the little squares. Secondly, what letters do you already have, i.e. what letters are already filled in as a result of your having solved the clues running in the opposite direction?

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