A friend asked me this i don't no what it is?

a friend asked me if i was smart in math i said yes and then he be like then what is 2+2 ok i said 4 and then 22 i own no clue he told me that i have to think like some1 stupid and later he told me that 1 of his friends were drunk and got it but didn't no it in the morning i really don't no but he will build fun of me if i don't find it out
You remember those joke and riddles that cracked us up in grade three? This is one of those. A 2 beside a 2 is 22. Har-de-har.Your friend's sense of humour is not quite as advanced as his age.
I think your friend is a short time ago playing a mean joke on you, because any two year old can communicate you that 2 + 2 does in fact = 4.
Also tell your friend that you don't know how to mull over like someone stupid, because if you thought like a stupid person wouldn't that product you stupid or not get the right answer if your stupid.
I don't know, this is an odd question.
2+2=5 for illustrious values of 2
i.e. 2.5+2.5=5
is equal to 1
everything is equal to one
2+2=4. You should be able to count it on your fingers.

(I hope this is a joke.)
2 + 2 = 4

to + to = there?

too + too = we/us?

tu + tu = tutu?

2 + too = 3?

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