10 example question for China history anywhere from the Zhou dynasty and anything in the past?

I need to make 10 example Qs for my AP world history class
it would be much appreciated if someone could help out :)
1.) When did the first written history of China start off? (answer ~ Shang Dynasty

2.) When did Chinese culture, literature and philosophy first originate? (answer ~ Zhou Dynasty, after Shang Dynasty)

3.) Which was the longest dynasty in Chinese history? (Answer ~ Zhou Dynasty)

4.) The Emperor of what dynyasty invoked the concept of the 'Mandate of Heaven' to legitimize his rule. (Zhou D.)

5.) Around 1500 BCE, which Dynasty begin using written oracle bones to predict the future? (Shang D.)

6.) Which dynasty was the first to actually be described surrounded by ancient historical records? (Xia D.)

7.) Which river was named after the loess that would build up on the hill of the river and then sank into the earth, creating a yellowish tinge contained by the water. (Yellow , duh)

8.) Which culture was succeeded by the Longshan culture around 2500 BCE? (Yangshao culture)

9.) During the late Neolithic times, on which river did the Chinese first establish village? (yellow)

10.) Name some of the gods the Chinese worshiped during the Shang Dynasty, and what did the Chinese believe happened to them after they died?
(Weather God, Sky God, Shang-Ti (Supreme God), etc.
beleived that they too, will become gods.)

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