10 points to the knockout! Who is the awesomest party contained by the world?

Who could it be?
the awesomest creature in the world
Depends on who's opinion you want... i could say that my idol is the greatest person surrounded by the world, but you could say the same, and in respectively of our worlds, that idol would be Source(s): The human brain baffles even the best scientists... but everyone knows what their brain is telling them, because surrounded by essence, they are telling themselves what to think.
Henry Rollins. No question.
D'you mean apart from me?:) Noam Chomsky.
The guy from "A Beautiful Mind"
God the Almighty Source(s): Holy Bible
It is Michael Jackson, Sure he is not with us anymore. But he is the King of PoP. Also he go from black to white and back to black again. The world love him now. That all he ever needed. RIP MJ Source(s): Brooklyn New York

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