How copious gallons of sap are needed to trademark one gallon of maple syrup?

Answers:    50
43 gallons!

43 gallons of sap are required to produce one gallon of syrup, as 42 gallons of water must be evaporated.

It will normally require somewhere between 28 and 56 hours of continuous boiling (and sap refilling) if a container with one square foot of liquid surface is used. By comparison, a gallon of syrup can be produced contained by between 9 and 18 hours using a rectangular 24" x 18" pan (3 square feet of soft surface). Obviously, the larger the pan, the more quickly the evaporation process will be completed.

Wanna try it yourself? Here's a how-to article (and .pdf)complete beside tree drilling and sap collecting instructions!

How sweet it is! Enjoy!
According to this website
The amount of sap you need can vary hovers the average amount of sap needed to net just one gallon of maple syrup is 35 - 50 gallons of sap depending on how much maple sugar there is contained by the sap.
I believe it is 10 to 1. 10 gallons of sap for 1 gallon of syrup.

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