How to relay if an egg is partly boiled?

its easy to tell a rugged boiled egg from a raw egg, but what about partly boil eggs?

Answers:    Lay the Egg on it's side, and spin it. The boiled Egg will spin longer than a raw Egg. The yolk, and egg whites in the untreated Egg stop it from spinning for very long. The same is true with a partly boiled Egg. It will spin longer than the raw Egg, but not as long as the hard boiled Egg.
Put it surrounded by a pot of water and it floats halfway between the bottom of the pot and the surface of the sea.
5 mins is a hard boiled egg.

Soft boiled is three.

So i figure, 2.5 minutes give you a half boiled egg.
Years ago, they sold these little hour glass sand timers used for boiling eggs, and the sand run down in 3 minutes. So half-boiled is 1.5 min.

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