Question : Approximately how plentiful nationality are represented surrounded by Australia?

Information : Australia has a highly multicultural environment

Answers:    Australia have representatives of 90 different nationalities within its current population.
See : Australian population: ethnic origins ( ** Charles Price: People and Place, Vol. 7, No.. 4

These are the most adjectives:
Australian (37.1%)
English (31.6%)
Irish (9.1%)
Scottish (7.7%)
Italian (4.3%)
German (4.1%)
Chinese (3.4%)
Greek (1.8%)
Dutch (1.6%)
Indian (1.2%)
Lebanese (0.9%)
Poles (0.8%)
Vietnamese (0.8%)
New Zealander (0.8%)
Filipino (0.8%)
Maltese (0.7%)
Croat (0.6%)
Welsh (0.5%)
French (0.5%)
Serbs (0.45%)
Spanish (0.4%)
South African (0.4%)
Sinhalese (0.4%)
Macedonian (0.4%)
Hungarian (0.3%)
Russian (0.3%)
Turkish (0.3%)

I'm an Indian living in Sydney, Australia for 16 yrs now and I can guarantee you that Australia is significantly multicultural. Though you may not see many other nationalities within the country or bush towns, towards the more urban or city side it is a big change. Despite the facts given by 'wikipedia', by observance the most common nationality are definitely what they call 'wogs' (not to be rude) gist countries such as Greece, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, there are also many associates from Egypt and the middle east. Asians also hold a strong majority including Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Korean. Surprisingly you don't see many English or Americans as the other nationalities. There own recently been a surge of immigrant from Africa, countries such as sierria Leone, Ghana, Ethiopia etc. By the way, there are lots New Zealanders, Australia has a close bond with them.

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