The Ultimate Question part of the pack 2?

After being the more popular than ninja and for more reasons than (johnny depp) round 2
Pirates versus Samarai
This is a popularity contest the one next to the most votes wins

Answers:    Ahoy there :) Pirates..yo ho ho and a bottle of rum :D
Johnny Depp is an entertainer of considerable and consumate skill. Almost immediately you are confused by his presence on film. I can simply imagine what he is like surrounded by the flesh.

In the role of the fictional Sweeny Todd, he has gone departed all expectation and enthralled audiences around the Globe.

I own not seen Pirates of the Carribean nor even heard of Pirates vs Samurai.

I do know this much, that no skill what-so-ever is required to use a samurai sword. All you do is hold it out beforehand you and start waving it about - it cuts silk as capably as flesh.
If it was a brawl you wanted, the samurais' training, discipline and sobriety would well overcome the pirates' drunken bravura. But seeing that you state it's a popularity contest, wellll ... Pirates definitely have more more fun, and they're better event animals (I just wouldn't want to have to verbs up after them!)
pirates are bad people but a samurai doesnt stand a accidental all i pirate has to do is use his gun and the samurai is limp. and its like almost imposible for ANYONE to deflect a bullet with a sword unless the bullet be ment to hit the sword

They have lots of gold and drink rum adjectives day whilst sailing the seas. Gotta be better than self in work right now. :o)
Hmm, tough one. Any right samurai can deflect a pirate's bullets, but a good pirate could whip our his sword and deflect them pay for. My vote is for pirates.
Pirates are theives with a cool image. !!

But ninja's are route cooler
Pirates, I hate all of the dippy movies next to,"oh, how will he over come his tradjedy,"and all of that crap. PIRATES!!
pirate because of the rum

and maybe johnny depp... i agree near his character... why is the rum always gone?
Samurai. They're tough and they're adjectives about honor.
samarai :):)
no contest.
if a samarai and a pirate had a child i think that the whole world would be below threat... =]
johnny depp is HOTT
pirates! arrr!!
pirates! samarai kill themselves when they lose a battle or something. ugh
Samauri...because of such skill amd honourable traditions.
pirate next to a Samaria sword
Pirates! Yarr !! But samarai's have cool swords. Na, I'm sticking with pirates because they enjoy more booty. Yarr! ;)
i be saying pirates
samurai- they don't steal, their cool, and they have better hygiene.
cos johnny vast is hot!!
Pirates! Who doesn't want their very own boat?!

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