What's the longest compass for projectile vomit?

A friend says his uncle can do 10 yards on a few meal and a few bottles of rum.

While I know that is most probably a lie, it get me thinking about how far a person have vomited.

Answers:    Across a room. Certain babies are born with a birth defect that cause them to projectile vomit across a room. A little baby!
Ew! Don't look at me, don't look at me, I'm getting at least 15 yard away from you (and your friend's uncle)!

Gross joke contest winner: guy contained by a bar spits on a window. Winner lick it off. (You deserved that answer.)

So. Get a video camera and a couple of friends together to buy the uncle the rum. (Camera operator doesn't drink..) Answer your own examine. (As Guinness' Book of Records originated from bar paperwork - Guinness, you know - I would check to see if they have any such record. If not, your video might win you in.)

Be cautious, though. A friend have a record store and set a new sleeplessness account, but I don't think he was ever relatively right after, at least not for a few years. Take care of yourself.
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