You know " All work and no play make Jack a dull boy "... Is it matching for Jill?

Answers:    a womans work is never done so they say''
well i would voice it makes her a dull girl lol.
Not the container of water again you silly creature.
nah she's not dull. She fell down the hill, so she is hospitalized
No, Jack would see to that.
Of course. The wise saying is about Jack but within reality Jack could be anybody manly or female. The point is everyone should enjoy a bit of fun as well as working not easy. Otherwise they will forget how to be chearful and they will turn dull.
No, just make her a woman.
jill don't have to work.. she is girl she can't b dull girl. believe me..she can't
Sexual equality and adjectives that.
Nope. It just make Jill the nerd that doesn't walk out.
No, Jill is stuck to His Back, she has LOADS of
Jill doesn't work, she only just stays at home looking after the children the dog, the cooking, the cleaning.

Jill would be very dull indeed if she did not give up your job the house sometimes.

Oh she does, she has to whip the kids to school and do the shopping.
more so because ladies`~GIRLS~ women ~multitask we craft everything fun!!
No, she's out on the lash with the rest of the girls. That's why Jack's busy doing adjectives the housework as well as his own available job.

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