"an organised criminal" what does this phrase in actuality mingy please? I read somewhere that...?

...the mafia was run by "organised criminals", but I dunno what they connote by this. What is the difference between a normal, regular criminal and an "organised criminal", please lend a hand.

Answers:    Means that it was planned.

Or, look here:


Hope I help! :)
organized crime is a group of people commiting crimes that usually enjoy a leader that tell them what to do, but normal criminals usually do everything for themselves
A usual criminal may walk through a precinct and pickpocket someone they see on the spot.

An organized criminal would find the schedule of a prosperous person or someone near something of value, find the best place to pickpocket him, and later wait for that out of the ordinary person near.
Organised crime means a crime committed by an organisation - an orchestrate group that plans heavily and usually has a solid supervision structure. It exists like a continually running business scheme rather than the chaotic, one-off style of regular criminals.

Watch the Godfather.
It's like the gang from "The Godfather" and the "Sopranos", group of mafias

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