Please write a short story using the following "Old Sayings"?

Question:Rode hard and put away wet
Rotten to the core
Scared out of my wits
Salt of the earth
Say what you mean and mean what you say
Screaming like a banshee

Dodge City, Kansas
Circa 1876


"Five Mile Run"

U.S.Marshal Matt Dillon is out to free a hostage from the hands of Moss Furlow..Matt is alone..No posse...Furlow is bent on revenge because Matt killed his brother, 5 years earlier.

Matt rode hard. He knew that as soon as he entered the high country, there would be countless spots where Moss could take a snipe at him. He also knew that to have ignored the message would have spelled certain death for Millicent Halper, the hostage. When he reached Five Mile Run, a creek separating the lowland from the hills, he stopped to water his horse. He was just throwing some water on his face when Furlow's voice rang out from the other side of the water.
Furlow: "DILLON!! I've got here what you've been looking for!" Matt stood up as Furlow came out of the brush, holding Millicent and pointing his gun at her. "Now you just drop your gunbelt nice and slow-like." Matt did as he was told. He hoped to be able to reach for the derringer he had hidden in his boot.

Furlow took a few steps closer. As Matt looked on, Furlow spoke to the woman and told her that (5) It was time to pay the piper! He shot her and shoved her into the creek. Matt reached for the hidden pistol. Furlow shot again........
Matt crumpled as he too, fell in the creek. The rapids carried both bodies down stream.

"Five Mile Run"

Furlow watches as the waters carry away Dillon and the girl.
Furlow: " Well, Dillon..You (1)Rode hard and put away wet!!
You're drowning in Hell, now, lawman!!" He began (6) Screaming like a banshee...."Muawwwwwwwwwwww... !!"
The limp bodies of Millicent Halper and Matt took on the rapids. As they began running into rocks, Matt started coming to. Dazed, he tried to get his bearings. A few yards away he saw the girl's body. He reached out and grabbed a hold of her. Somehow he swam to the nearest shore,dragging her to a spot on the sand. Matt saw the bullet wound in her back. He knew he had been hit, too. His eyes began to blur and he fell unconscious.

Hours later he was awakened by a voice..."I say...can you HEAR me, mister?!" Matt started to speak but found that in his weakened state, he could only whisper.
Matt:"The girl? Is she alright?"
The Stranger:" Dug a bullet out of her. Dug one outta you, too. You and the woman.running from the law, are you?" Matt had lost his badge in the rapids.
Matt tried speaking again. ...."No, I'm ..U.S. Marsh...The she."
The stranger:"(5) Say what you mean and mean what you say,mister. I don't cotton to no outlaws!!"
Matt told him about Furlow. The stranger looked over at the girl and then back at Matt...
" He don't sound like no (4) Salt of the earth."
Matt: "He's not. More like (2) Rotten to the core."

In another hour or so, Millicent showed signs of gaining consciousness. She took a look at the stranger and started crying. Matt crawled over to her, to try and reassure her.
Matt: "It's alright, maam. I'm a U.S. Marshal. Name's Dillon." He explained their situation. It turns out that both their wounds were not critical.

Millicent: " My friends call me, Milly, Marshal Dillon. Thank God you followed Furlow's instructions....I would have been a real goner without you. Truth be told, I'm still (3)Scared out of my wits. She and Matt both thanked the stranger.
He was scared and had decided to take off, leaving them a few supplies and a gun.
Stranger:" I don't wanna be within 50 miles of this Furlow man. You two will be fine. Good luck. And off he ran.

Milly started crying again. Matt patted her gently on her arm.
She looked at him and in spite of their circumstances, couldn't help but notice his rugged good looks.

"Five Mile Run"

1. Will Milly fall for Matt?
2. Will Matt figure out a way to get both of them back safely to Dodge?
Stop lieing they are rotten to the core, said Helen
You should say what you mean and mean what you say, but your action show otherwise. Helen walked away for some time with herself. Deciding to come back in after an 1 she returned to her brother quitely opening the door and sneeking in. He screamed. You scared me out of my wits, He said.
Well you scream like a banshee, she said. after a short time they decided to forgive each other.

I finish the rest tonight. have a good day.
she walked into the bar, looking like she had been rode hard and put away wet. all eyes were on her at that time. she turned to face the bartender, who looked back at her with eyebrow raised, and she smirked at him. "say what you mean, and mean what you say", she said to him, expecting the worst of sarcasm. "well, sugar, you just seem to be rotten to the core , that's all". he replied back to her with an equally evil smirk. this banter was going on in a slow and easy manner, which was surprising, considering the stunt that he had just pulled on her, rigging the bucket of syrup over her front door. "you are not exactly the salt of the earth yourself, jack. i had no idea what had hit me, there i was scared out of my wits, and screaming like a banshee. i'm sure everyone in town heard me." she began to pout, and tear up a bit. he started to finally feel sorry for her, maybe he had gone too far. "next time just think hard about whose heart you are going to break." he said looking into her eyes, the same eyes that he had fallen in love with years before. the same eyes that he had seen looking out from under his best friend's naked body just the night before. if only time would heal his pain, as promised.

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