Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Can you write a story of revenge using these phrases?

Question:1) When had she learned to be so diabolical?
2) She smiled as she_______
3) The best part was, he deserved it!
4) Does it have to make sense?
5) Aint love grand.

Dodge City, Kansas
Circa 1876

"I'll Get You My Pretty. And Your Little Dog, Too"

Miss Kitty Russell poured herself another drink."And why not," she asked herself? "Matt left me for that idiot from Virginia!" She was referring to Sunshine MacGillicutty.
"Yep..good ol' Sundown MacGutter Face!! God, how I hate her!" She threw away the glass and drank from the bottle:
In between gulps she remembered all the times she had shared with Matt....Brief moments in a 20 year period of time....A large chunk of her life had been devoted to a man who had taken one look at Sunshine, and had left her..
"(5) Aint love grand ," she shouted?

She decided the time had come to seek some redemptions.At the expense of Matt and his trollop! She spent the rest of the afternoon with her mouth glued to a bottle and her deteriorating mind fixated on revenge. The thought of Sunshine burned feverishly in her thoughts.
Kitty: "Just HOW can I hurt you the most, my dear Sunshine?"
And then she remembered Daisie Dixie..Sunshine's precious puppy: http://www.gummylump.com/files/product/a...
Kitty:" I'll get you, my pretty. And your little dog, too!!"



Kitty was delighted with the plan she was hatching. (1) When had she learned to be so diabolical that the thought of kidnapping a dog would bring her such joy?! (2) She smiled as she began devising her evil deed. She knew that if she could hurt Sunshine, she would also be hurting Matt. She was becoming so deranged in her thinking that she honestly believed that (3) The best part was, he deserved it!"

She knew she had to be sober to carry out this fiendish deed of the devil. The thought of "going on the wagon" did not really appeal to her. However, if it would bring a downfall to Sunshine, it would be worth it!!
(4) Does it have to make sense to carry out unspeakable acts
of harm?
Apparently not.


"I'll Get You My Pretty. And Your Little Dog, Too"
i smiled as i took every other shoe his mistress had and threw it out. that left her with one shoe from every pair that i found in his trunk,ha ha!

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