Define the word 'Career' contained by your own words?

I've always be curious as to what people contemplate the word career technique. I am doing a project and i need to find different people relate me what the word career way (in there own words). The longer the response the better.

Answers:    The word job means to travel or run at full speed: The saloon careered from side to side, toppling everything surrounded by its way, until it finally crashed into the policeman's holster.

That's a solid and common explanation of the word in Britain, and it seem as if it borrowed from the word "careen" or vice versa, but nevertheless, if you think "career" singular means a mission, profession, or other series of occupations, you lone know one meaning of the word.

It does miserable job, profession, occupation, or terrifically often, a series of them contained by a path towards an eventual desire. But that's the more conventional meaning next to which you are probably familiar. I close to the one that ends on the policeman's holster much better.
Career to me means, the towpath some-one intends to take inside a certain profession within order to mortgage in that pen. It implies a infallible single-mindedness - ie She's a career girl, she doesn't intend to own a family - things close to that.

anything else is just a commission.

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