Is it really that hard to hit the "Check Spelling button?

Question:i juz wnated 2 no becaze i thnks me sonds smartes if I be spell goos

Haha Your trying to act Smart But you forgot the other Quotation Mark on the end of "Check Spelling Button." But it would actually be a ' and not a ". Because your not repeating what someone said...Idiot.
Do what Now?
what impact did hoplite warfare have on ancient greece?

please answer!!!
Oh that's how they looks so smart, I forgot about that O.o
too bad they don't have Syntax checking...
hhaha no it isnt but i dont really care...
evidently it is hard for you
LOL! I agree! It's so challenging to read some of these questions due to the numerous spelling errors. I understand that some people aren't adept at grammar and spelling, but given that there's a tool right above this text box, there's no excuse for just not trying...
yes, it's surprisingly hard.
I agree completely. Trouble is that some spell so badly that the spell check can't even figure what they typed.
I actually can never get the spell checker to work. It just sits and shows the little icon that it is working, but it never stops. I don't know what the problem is. Luckily, I can generally manage to spell, and I do try to proof before hitting submit.

And for the person who asked about the hoplites? I believe the answer you are looking for is that they were basically heavy armored infantry, for lack of a better description. They had good arms and equipment. They were also very mobile. Best of all, they weren't part of the official Greek military, they were more like a militia. The men who fought as hoplites wanted to be there, and trained hard, and they used different formations. They basically kicked butt. (Unless you compared them to the Spartans, but then every ancient warrior suffers when compared to the Spartans.)
"Draconius" here. Sometimes the "spell-check" function
gets it wrong. Every time I go to MSNBC to enjoy Keith Ol-
bermann's commentaries, the question pops up, "Did you
mean, Keith Olberman?" It's really frustrating not to be able
to come back with: "No, you driveling, zero-IQ moron! Olber-
mann ends with a double 'n!' " Better, yet, a knuckle sand-
wich would be satisfying from me to it.

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