What is the pronunciation difference of que and qué?

When I heard someone right to be heard them...they seemed to nouns the same, but I know that's unachievable. :P Someone help me out?

Answers:    Yes, they are pronounced like peas in a pod.
My Spanish teacher said they be pronounced the same. I devise the accent is nearby just to show you the different usage.

I could be wrong! I hold been copious times before.
I agree near ^^^ i think near pretty much the same
No, they're pronounced differently, the one in need the accent is pronounced the road it is spelled, the one with the articulation has stress on the e. without the articulation means a different word, idk what that word is but not equal meaning.
qué is Spanish for "what" and pronounced close to the English letter K

que is French for "that" and is pronounced kuh.
Q-U-E near the accent dupe is Spanish for "what," and pronounced like the dispatch "k."
Q-U-E , without the elocution mark, is pronounced similar to the "cue" in barbecue. It is a partly farthing, lol, really! A farthing is a quarter of a British penny, or something of very little meaning.
|Just want to confirm what Catenary has written. Que beside an accent (I can't achieve it on this machine!) is Spanish and pronounced Kay, but technique the same as the French word que (without accent) pronounced kuh. They both imply 'which.'
They are pronounced the same but they own different meanings. The one next to the accent can suggest, 'what?' or 'which?' Also has different meaning when used in unmistaken expressions.

The one without the elocution means 'that.'

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