All righty afterwards, let's see how much you REALLY know.?

And now it's time for "Stupid Questions next to Me": The part of my energy where I come out and ask...stupid question.

1. Why is Washington D.C. a "District of Coloumbia"? Does that mean it belongs to Colombia? If so, why is it spelled "Coloumbia"? I have it in mind, really, are we THAT stupid?
2. If there's no such thing as stupid question, then what concerned of question do stupid relations ask? (Ho ho, I got you within!)
3. When you're sick, why can you not taste chocolate and tea and cereal and adjectives that good stuff, but you can DEFINITELY fondness your meds?
4. Again, when you're sick, why does the world seem to spin? And why does gravity not see on, so you don't feel similar to you're going to fall?
5. Why do coffee drinks enjoy such long names?
6. What exactly is the definition of "spork"?
7. Last but not lowest, why do our noses run when we go and get sick? Why do we get a disorientation? Why why why why why?

And, if you're still reading, I would like to speak:

Answers:    You must have a restlessness!
You are delirious!

Get well soon!
1. our founding father were idiots and needed to be seperate from everybody else but used names from other places.
2. that one
3. because your penchant buds get dulled, but meds partiality aweful so you can always partiality them
4. because when youre that kind of sick, at hand is a lot of sinus fluid within your head, thats why you touch like youre commander is 10 times as big as it should be and you think your ears necessitate to pop
5. because they might be from out of the country
6. noun: trademark for a plastic eating utensil that have both tines and a bowl like a spoon
7. because here is a lot of sinus fluid and it leak lol, and because there is a virus within you and your body is moving a lot and working extra tricky to get it out.. um, i cant really explain why you win a fever besides that i assume its because your body is concentrating on getting rid of the virus so it cant regulate body heat
2. They ask retarded question.
4. Because your ears are messed up, the liquid is at chance levels. Your ears are your center of stability.
6. A spork is a combination of a fork and a spoon. It looks like a spoon next to little jaggers at the end.
7. We receive a fever because our body is trying to warmth up to burn away all the germs. Our nose run trying to get adjectives the germs out!


JAKDJFIIWNFMN right back to you!
hello this iz ur friend and i hold no answers to any of ur question! lol

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