Which one is correct? Or you hold any other means of access to utter this?

Staff expert to the minister


Expert staff to the minister

Answers:    depends on the context. if the person is on the minister's staff, and is an expert within their field, afterwards they would be the staff expert to the minister. example the person on staff be a scientist expert in bio fuels. and the minister have to make a report on bio fuels. so he consults near his staff expert . but if the employees are great team and expert in their ordinary duties, they would be expert staff to the minister.
do you see the difference?
The Minister's Staff expert
The Minister's expert staff
It depends on who you are talking more or less...

One person would be a "staff expert."

"Expert staff" sounds plural to me, resembling there's a whole staff of individuals who are experts.

That said, the first one sounds more smooth.

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