What is wrong with this sentence and why?

Question:We need the happiness in our lives.

It should read:

"We need happiness in our lives."

"Happiness" is a common and singular noun, therefore no article ("the") is needed.

See here for more info:

Hope this helps!
1) we don't all need this so called happiness

2) it may affend emos and rednecks

3) some ppl may think u r gay
exclude the word "the"

why? i don't know.

just proper english.
sounded correct to this asian me... maybe should be 'we need happiness in life ?
'the happiness'.. should just read 'happiness'.. when do we ever say 'the happiness'
You don't need "the" because that word means it modifies a specific thing - like "the ball" or "the sun." Happiness is a CONCEPT, like an abstract thing. So the correct way to say it is simply, "We need happiness in our lives."

(Better would be to finish this with your opinion: "We need happiness in our lives because..." or "We need happiness in our lives to...")
we need happines in our life
Happiness does not need 'the'.

we need happiness in our lives...
We need happiness in our lives
The only thing you need to change is to leave out 'the'. Happiness is an abstract noun and does not need an article such as 'the'.Articles are best used with non-abstract nouns that are things.
1) Don't use the word 'the' in the sentence...Why? I don't know, it is just proper grammer.

2) You don't ALWAYS have to have happiness in your lives. I do but some people like goths don't think that...Why? They just don't.

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