i really want to know., you folks that type in funny $hit, progress ahead too.

Answers:    This phrase has become all right known because of Hemingway's established book bearing like title,but is really a line from John Donne's poem which go,"No man is an island entire of
itself,Every man's death diminishes me --------
as a result seek not to know for whom the bell tolls,it tolls for thee".When a church bell tolls,it
is said to signify customarily someone's passing away.John Donne refers to humanity as a together and says that when the bell tolls for one
who have just died,it could also be for you
because you too are a constituent of humanity.
"dnldslk" by answering first forestalled me.I doff
my cap to him.He deserves the 10 points.
Line from John Donne.
Refers to the oneness of human experience. When a loss bell tolls, it tolls not only for the departed but for YOU.
Well known phrase today because of the Hemingway title.
it's a book by Ernest Hemingway
that's lunch
Ask not for whom the bell tolls...
it tolls for thee.

I reckon it rings for departed folk. You know, when Gary Cooper told Ingrid Bergman to take sour, and she freaked out, no ricardo, no...good flick.
somebody died

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