Which sentence sentence structure is correct?

1) Certain parenting styles can be pinpointed for its inclination TO producing aggressive children.

2) Certain parenting styles can be pinpointed for its inclination IN producing aggressive children.

Answers:    2 is correct, it is correct because the preposition to, is used in a different form. To is directed at something surrounded by a straightforward, comprehendable manner and is used surrounded by chain relationships, whereas In is used to show the relation contained by the development of something,
so that`s why 2 is the correct answer.
Number 2.
I devise it's IN.
number 2
Definitely your first option (inclination TO).

My reasoning is if you be to structure the statement differently eg. "certain parenting styles are inclined TO produce agressive children", it make make more sense than "inclined IN".

It's one process to look at it I guess.
Depends what country your are from.....American is to, England is in. Yes, citizens in England don't know how to use 'in'.
Neither is correct. Styles is plural and requirements a plural pronoun ... their inclination. Actually it's in producing, not to.

1) 'its' should be 'their'...(styles=plural)
2) ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto
Neither of them is correct. The noun 'parenting styles' wishes a plural possessive adjective, and the word 'inclination' is better replaced by 'tendency'. 'Produce' needs to be a verb within the infinitive, not a gerund, because 'to' here is not a preposition. So:

''Certain parenting styles can be pinpointed for THEIR TENDENCY TO PRODUCE aggressive children.''

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