Question:hey i was just wondering how does someone become witty
i would love to become wittier!

Just dont go into it half prepared

read, watch, listen to humourous people.?!?!?

Its kinda natural to most people but you jut gotta be funny and quick with your come backs hehe
Whenever someone says something serious, make a smarmy comment see things from the negative side
sarcasm is effective most of the time. but be educated enough so that you make sense. read a little more than usual and watch sitcoms. good ones though. cuz theres a lot of crap on tv right now.
Read a lot of teenage books, watch humorous movies, hang out with witty people
read lots of books and try to think things in different angles.
Wit is something innate in man. A witty person is one who is innately alert and capable of quick reasoning. He/she has the intelligence, sharpness of mind, and cleverness. He/she can associate ideas in a manner natural, but unusual and striking, so as to be able to produce surprise joined with pleasure.

So if you are capable of acquiring these qualities, then perhaps you can become wittier.

Hope you achieve your dream.

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