What is your hypothesis roughly speaking this.?

I want to send it to the university that I hold already applied for and wondered if it is well written, or if it can be better, please consent to me know of the changes you reckon might make this e-mail better.AlsoI estimate it is better to send this e-mail, what do you feel...

I have applied for graduate studies and hold submitted all of my documents both via e-mail and nouns mail, but the “To Do List” on my online application still shows that two correspondence of references but have not be received by the university.
I have contacted my professors and they told me that they enjoy already sent the recommendation packages by regular air post almost 2 months ago.
So I wondered whether you have received the parcels of reference until very soon.
Also in skin you still have not received them, what is the deadline for acceptance graduate documents, and if you think I should ask my professors again for re-sending the parcels of reference to you.

Answers:    Wouldn't it b better to transport a letter? I used to work surrounded by a Local Government Office and we had a policy that adjectives letters requiring a response needed to be booked contained by and monitored to ensure that replies went out inwardly 14 days.

E-mails were not subject to this ruling.

The sentence foundation 'So I wondered...' isn't quite correct.
Change this to..Could you please confirm that you own received the documents in cross-question.
Obviously the school have not received the required documents.Two months have gone by. I would contact the two profs and ask them to distribute duplicate letters. You're going to hold to do this anyway. Altho the school probably requirements direct communication with those 2 profs, you might try to get hold of unofficial copies and send them along to the university. Attached to such copies, indicate the previous mixup and note that you realize these are unofficial copies, to be later corroborated by direct copies.

If you do dispatch a letter, I would state surrounded by it that you already sent those letters of opinion but that the school have obviously not received them. Therefore you are attempting to own duplicates sent.

You want to get the process moving.
Dude I hope your not going to dispatch that letter, it is really fruitless grammar and parts don't even put together any sense at all..."So I wondered whether you enjoy received the letters of hint until now" Huh? They're going to be wondering if you took ENG.101 First of all phone call the Dean of admissions and leave your job a clear, succinct message stating your concern about your "To Do" index on your on line application. Ask if he/she would look into the business at their convenience.. Tell them you will follow up via regular mail on the subject of the possibly lost letters of citation. Then find someone to write a clear succinct letter concerning the matter. Put attn: Dean of Admissions on the envelope and communication it (Return Receipt Requested) It costs about $2.20 If you can't find somebody who can write a straightforward, somewhat professional, businesslike correspondence than walk to your local community college and ask a Teachers Assistant in the English Dept. to help out you for $25.00 But you should definitely embezzle a remedial course it English.. Best regards and accurate luck mate

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