Please can you rephrase this sentence so that it sounds more "intelligent"?

Question:Rephrase the following sentence: " I look up to female characters in the world who take on leadership roles such as.." Only serious answers!

I admire females that assume leadership roles. Such characters inspire me to want to change the world.
Female who are in roles of leadership such as *** inspire me.
My inspiration comes from women who take on roles of leadership such as...
Hope this helps,
Women who succeed in leadership, business, government or even in the home inspire me and give me confidence that I can do the same.
Among my role models are strong female figures who throughout history have changed the world with their empowering vision and leadership. Role model #1, role model #2,...,etc. are only some of the strongest female "beacons" of my time.
I admire women who assume leadership roles, such as
I admire successful women who have become leaders in such roles as.

There are many women assuming leadership roles today who are role models for young women.

I am imspired by hardworking women who have achieved the pinnacle of success in their chosen careers.

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