I think my dog has been taking money from my wallet at night and buying expensive dog toys when i'm at work...

Question:Does anyone else have this sortta problem? What should I do?

Get him neutered. That'll show him whose boss!
That bastard.
My cat pees in my underwear when he's mad at me so I walk around and smell like cat pee. I know how you feel. He keeps hiding the remote control too.
Fill your wallet with photocopied bills (he's colorbind -- he won't notice), and see if he gets arrested for counterfeiting.

Of course the risk is that he'll learn to use your credit cards instead, and you'll have to put him on leash or he'll be online.
no i dont hvae a dog and i hope u are not imagining things?
aybe u are sleepwalking?try keeping your wallet in a high and safer place.
Steve Martin had to get a pair of cat handcuffs when he found out his cat was embezzling from him. Looks like you'll need the same thing for your dog.
I think my ferret (his name is Nigel) has been helping himself to my drinks cupboard. I have noticed of late that when I get in from work he has done buggerall around the house and his eyes are red. But that may just be because he is albino.

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