What does my unharmed cross expect? My signature is Kaley Rae Gerou.?

Answers:    1. Elder farm ewe
2. Irish wolf surrounded by sheeps clothing.
or simply my mother's lovely daughter
Kaley is Gaelic, meaning "Descendant of Caollaidhe".

Rae is Hebrew, consequence "Ewe"

And Gerou is French: from a reduced form of the Germanic personal name Gerwulf, composed of the elements ger, gar ‘spear’ + wulf ‘wolf’.


Greek: patronymic from the genitive crust of Greek geros ‘old’, ‘elder’
Kaley means "cattle farm by the spring" (Celtic: Form of Kelly)

Rae means " manly variant of ray" (English:Short form of

Gerou process "old, elder" (gero) surrounded by Greek. In French, a reduced form of the Germanic personal name, Gerwulf: ger, gar "spear" + wulf "wolf".

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