Use "swum" within a sentence? says that "swim," "swam," and "swum" are adjectives words, but how does one use "swum" in a sentence? It other sounds like it should be "swam" to me.

Anyone own any usage information?

Answers:    Looking back, Joe found that he have swum a lot farther than he thought.

SWUM is the recent past participle of SWIM

I haven't swum in years.

I swam for the first time surrounded by years yesterday. Before that, I hadn't swum since my college years.

"Swam" is the past anxious. "Swum" is the past participle and is across the world used in the present sound and past superlative tenses.
I swim often.
I swam yesterday.
I own swum the English channel several times.
He have swum...

add doesn`t matter what you wish to the culmination.

Used with a helping verb.

I have swum the river more than once.
Kudos to the first two quick posts. I hope these are students and not adults that in reality know how to speak proper English! And explain it. I'm impressed.
i havent swum since i was within first grade?
I in recent times swam this morning
I like to swim
Swimming is my favorite sport
i swum within da pool haha
It has swum.

That is one of the few sentences that swum can be correctly used.
Last week my sister swum faster than any of the other squad mates.
Its departed tense for swim. But I agree, swam sounds better!
Swum is yesteryear participle form of the verb. You use it with sentences surrounded by the past or present fail-safe.

e.g. I've swum in that river until that time.

In other words, when you use have contained by the sentence, put swum after it. It would be grammatically incorrect if you use swam.

I swim in that river everyday.
I swam contained by that river yesterday.
I've swum in that river back.
I had swum surrounded by the shallow end of the pool twice earlier I swam in the reflective end. Now, I love to swim contained by both.
swum is used with have, had, have- previous participle
by the time i get to england, i will enjoy swum across the channel.

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