How do you say sixty years old?

I'm 20 years old again - for the third time :)
HUH? Just like its spelled.

Sixty years old.
old as dirt........
in what language?
not sure I understand the question?
Sixty years old
60 年古い
old fart
sesenta años de viejo
εξήντα ετών
fifty-nine (again)
english~ sixty years old
spanish~de sesenta años de edad
french~soixante années vieilles
german~Sechzig Jahre alt
italian~sessanta anni vecchi
potugese~sessenta anos velho
russian~шестьдесят лет
norweigan~seksti år gammel
traditional chinese~六十歲的人
simplified chinese~六十岁的人

i hope one of these languages are what you were looking for!
~Over the hill
~Just around the corner
~Older than dirt!
~One foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel!
just like that.

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