What is your definition of Lazy?

Answers:    an unwillingness to work for/lack of desire to achieve goal
averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent
denial of studying
someone that doesnt do anything, they sit at home all morning and be fat.
My husband
blunt, uninterested, tired, not wanting to do something
i might put my appendage up to answer this,.but sod it? i cant be bothered.Yawwwwwwwwnnnn
People who come on educationask.com and complain that they aren't loosing weight, after substituting coke for diet coke, and intake low fat popcorn, but still doing no exercise. That's apathetic. The whole world is turning slothful my friend. People are constantly searching for the easiest style to do things.
Bone idle or only plain "idle", work-shy, indolent, slothful...zzzzzzzzz!
Unable to prioritise
Lots of people I work next to
Me at the moment. Hybernating in the world of YA :)

Well I do deserve some rest from work!
My husband he fits the bill as outlined by the first answerer. Well today he does he's not that doomed to failure usually
Anyone who comes on educationask.com and won't use check spelling.
Not wanting to be bothered with something.

I work really tricky through the week, but I could be described as quite laid-back when I am at home. Therefore, I am not indolent or workshy, but I am not superwoman either and I can't be bothered to push myself to do things I am not that interested within.
them that dont work

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