What are some 1950's phrases that have it in mind really awesome or cool?

I'm writing about an artist and I obligation some cool phrases from the 1950's to describe how cool, awesome, or totally sweet he is.


Answers:    okay. This make three times you posted this.
it's the cat's pajamas
23 skidoo
copacetic, stellar, the bees knees.
words like boss, bitchin, tough and closely of slang words from nowadays as very well.
Holy cow! ALL of these are wrong. The Bees Knees? 23 Skidoo? Come on! Get your decades straight! 8^O

In the 50s you might have said 'nifty' or 'cool' or 'groovy' or 'jivey' or 'neat' or 'neat-o'. You might own said something was 'too much' or 'solid' or 'super duper' or 'peachy-keen' or 'terriff' (short for 'terrific').

Some of these are from previous decades but they be really used in the 50s.

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