To whom is Helena speaking when she say, "If you be civil and know courtesy,/You would not do me thus much

injury" (act 3,scene2)?

A. Hermia only
B. Lysander and Demetrius
C. Demetrius and Hermia
D. Hermia and Lysander

Answers:    B
Notice she have been chitchat with Lysander and accusing him of cunning (l. 128) and say "You vows to her and me, put in two scales, will even consignment; and both as light as tale." (l. 132.)
So she's been discussion with Lysanderand is unsophisticatedly peeved at him. Then Demetrius awakes and falls in love next to her
Then comes her reaction, which YOU quote.
So she's really react to both of them or nowhere: she's reacting to the intact situation.
(Of course, it's Puck who has created this unreasonableness, but he's out of the picture now.)
And next after this scene, Hermia enters and Helena say:
"Lo, she is one of this confereracy." (l.192)
She's really talking to everyone present. (But file that Hermia has enter AFTER your quote, therefore choices A,C, and D are impossible.)

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