♥ what should i do before school ends!?! ♥?

Question:school ends tomorrow!!

what should i do to make it more memorable!?

i'm in 7th grade!

well, go out with your friends, go to the beach and have a bonfire. since your underage take a older sibling, or a older supervisor. I won't tell you not to do anything stupid, because, actually you really remember it well. lol
being with friends is always the funnest way to enjoy yourself.

but enjoy ur vacations!!
Get all your friends to bring eggs and shaving cream and stage a huge fight! Bonus points if you can nail a principal!
food fight deff.
take pictures
walk right up to the boy you're crushin on and give a big sloppy kiss!
food fight
wear a funky outfit
dbring a camera
tell your crush your feelings
Food fight, worth the suspension. (Trust me, I've started one)
take a straw, staick the tip of the straw in your armpit and then blow hard. It feels good.
Dont do anything stupid.Enjoy being with your friends.Take photos.Simply have fun with your friends.

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