Words & Wordplay Questions and Answers

  • Give it a Guess! What does MOPT stand for?
  • What commercial is this?My mouth can't form these words.?
  • Can You Write A Story Using These Meat Loaf Tunes?
  • What does contemporary juxtaposition have it in mind?
  • Want to know the meaning of dirvet?
  • cause by disbelieving weather is grammatically correct?
  • Whats the connecting word?corn -----bin?
  • Can you devolution one missive surrounded by the word OVER to create the word ZOOM using adjectives unadulterated words?
  • What does :O mean?
  • Phrase designation?
  • What are the origins of the phrase deserting the sinking ship?
  • You know All work and no play make Jack a dull boy ... Is it like for Jill?
  • How do you get down from an Elphant?
  • an organised criminal what does this phrase in actual fact miserable please? I read somewhere that...?
  • Please write a short story using the following Old Sayings?
  • What does this word aim? I can't find it aNYWHEERE?
  • Does anyone know the correct spelling of the word?
  • Dear aboriginal speakers ... do you feel these sentence manufacture sense to you?
  • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Can you write a story of revenge using these phrases?
  • Define the word 'Career' surrounded by your own words?
  • What does Imoa stand for?
  • What's the characterization of stumblin'in? --thanks !?
  • Is it really that hard to hit the Check Spelling button?
  • What is the pronunciation difference of que and qué?
  • What is a bookmark? How to use it?
  • All righty afterwards, let's see how much you REALLY know.?
  • Where does the expression wax lyrical originate?
  • Which one is correct? Or you enjoy any other instrument to say aloud this?
  • What is wrong with this sentence and why?
  • What do a.m and p.m stand for?
  • Where did the word kittywhompus come from? What does it mean?
  • Grammar question?
  • Which sentence language rules is correct?
  • Witty!!?
  • What is your model more or less this.?
  • Can you give me an example of shtick!?
  • What does LOL tight?
  • Words that end with ado?
  • Whats crunk be determined?
  • What are the words with -phobia?
  • Please can you rephrase this sentence so that it sounds more intelligent?
  • Why do family feel lose is spelled loose?
  • I think my dog has been taking money from my wallet at night and buying expensive dog toys when i'm at work...
  • ASL Sentence structure? please comfort.?
  • What does weason mean?
  • For a cross word: perception of a color is strongly influenced by the object's[What?]7 letters_ _ N _ E _ T
  • Oceanview: one word or two?
  • Amzing words that start next to the reminder Y, C, S, R?
  • How do you justify your paper using word pad?
  • What does it stingy when someone's a wannabe corporate sell-out?
  • Are children named Chuck excluded when the name game is played?
  • What does my adjectives mark miserable? My signature is Kaley Rae Gerou.?
  • What does the word ¨pitty¨mean?
  • What year be w.h sammons born?
  • What does the term congruent meen?
  • Grammar give a hand?
  • What other word could I use for no instead of Nope, not and nah beginning with letter n?
  • Use swum contained by a sentence?
  • How do you say sixty years old?
  • Uhh ?root words?
  • WHat does YADDA MEAN mean?
  • Can you put these wolds into the correct lay down?
  • What 4 words relate to the number 100: matters often arctic knocked slowly Egypt centurion centenary that?
  • What is your definition of Lazy?
  • Whatsocialcritic and bestsellingauthorcoined the phrase“radicalchic”todescribewell-to-dofolksdressing?
  • What are some 1950's phrases that close-fisted really awesome or cool?
  • What does Ruchi mean?
  • Whomakeshotandcoldfillwashingmachines?
  • Crossword help. 1.Is nervously hesitant or unsure(7). Clue D _ _ _ E_S. 2.Aficionados (7) Clue T_ _ _ _ ES?
  • To whom is Helena speaking when she say, If you be civil and know courtesy,/You would not do me thus much
  • Finish these two sentences?
  • Name some other words that are nearly out of use...resembling davenport?
  • Does anybody remember a aboriginal american chant/chorus that be a to a certain extent big hit within the 60's?
  • The art shed has 26 thing used in art one for each letter?

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