"10 ptz 4 duh bestest answerer..."?

Question:Is it an incentive for you to answer a question when you see a carrot like this hung in front of you? Or do you figure the person posing the question is not likely to know a good answer from a rotten one and thinking this, you pass it up?

I think the answer to this question really lies in the situation of the respondent (ie. what is their status within answers and their motivation to imrpove that status) and the nature of the question (is it serious or frivolous).

At face value - given the nature of EducationAsk.coms there is nothing wrong with the statement, as it would be assumed that the person with the best answer would get 10 points.

If you are drawing an assumption that the person asking the question could not possibly determine the best answer because of their lack of skill in the English language then I'm not sure this is valid either, as we don't know what assistance they may receive in order to validate the answers given.
the ten ponts is an incentive with all questions asked, it is my curiosity that leads me to see what the question will be in cases like this
No i just want the carrot so will you give mr the 10 pts already.. Thanks
The question matters fr me!!

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