10 year reunion..should I go?

Question:I only have fond memories of my High School Days...
I don't know if I'm going to go.

Are you kidding me Roxs!?? Girl, you pull out your sexiest outfit, cutest shoes, get your hair coloured and styled and go out like a BANG!! Be the fox you are and show everyone that you only get better with age!! Plus, to miss the opportunity to catch up on memories, swap war stories over the years and rekindle old friendships.ahhhh, you don't want to do that! You will have a blast if you go and you'll look great to boot! Go on...it'll be fun!
You should go, it would be a wonderful time to see old friends and check to see how they are and what they are doing now. Not to mention seeing some old flames, or those that you have secret crushes on. Go enjoy!! live a little.
I wasn't going to go to my 10 year either. My friend talked me into going at the last minute and I am glad that he did. You only get one 10 year reunion in your life, so you should go. Have fun and take lots of pictures =)
if you have fond memories then why not go..its nice to see what people have done in their lives

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