A mixture of 50 litres of milk and water contain 10% of water. How much water must be added to make water?

Question:conti..20% in the given mixture?


a)5.5 litres
b)6.5 litres
c)6 litres
d)6.25 litres
e)6.75 litres

10% of 50L is 5L

a) 5.5L + 5L = 10.5L of 55.5L = 10.5%
b) 6.5L + 5L = 11.5L of 56.5L = 20.4%
c) 6L + 5L = 11L of 56L = 19.6%
d) 6.25L + 5L = 11.25L of 56.25L = 20.0%
e) 6.75L + 5L = 11.75L of 56.75L = 20.7%

Pick the closest answer
You know, there is a mathematics forum for homework help.
the ans is d 6.25litres
let the amt. of water added be x
since there is no change in the amt. of milk , equate the values i.e.
45 = 80/100 x (50+x)
calculate x
the answer is d)6.25 liters....
the reason is initially the % of water is 10% there fore in 50 liters of mixture there consists 5 liters of water.. to make it in to 20 % of water let us suppose we need to add 'x' liters of water, then (50+x)*20=5+x // since initially water in 50 liters is 5
by solving u get x=6.25 and thats ur answer.

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